Bellmore-Merrick Launches Physical Education App

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Led by Eric Caballero, the Central High School District’s physical education staff created a physical education app specifically for the school community.
“Our goal has always been to have our students become active participants in maintaining a healthy lifestyle,” explained Caballero, the district’s director of physical education, athletics, driver’s education & health.
The free BMPE app will allow students to participate in activities and document their participation via smartphone.
“This is a convenient way to track all of the exercises and activities that the physical education teachers are requiring as part of our remote learning plan,” explained Craig Papach, the athletic coordinator at John F. Kennedy High School.
While using the BMPE app, students will view grade level tabs with age-appropriate activities. Students are also reminded to communicate with their physical education teacher and complete requisite assignments accordingly.
“Most importantly, remember that during this stressful time fitness activity is a great outlet in maintaining a healthy mindset,” added Caballero.
Click on here to access the app.