Braves News Network Back Up & Running

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The Braves News Network is back on the air at Grand Avenue Middle School.

The Communications Club, led by faculty advisers Dawn Silvestri and Benjamin Fisher, are behind the remote learning effort.

“Our goal is to keep you current in our Grand community with a new and improved version of our distant learning morning announcements,” said Silvestri.

“Our student volunteers are videotaping themselves doing a one-minute broadcast of our announcements to be posted at noon on school days,” added Fisher.

As educators continue to teach in this remote learning environment, they strive to create ways in which they can connect with students on a regular basis.

“One thing that has been an anchor each regular day of school are the morning announcements,” explained Principal Carlo Conte. “Over the years, they have evolved into a feel good and informative moment that we all look forward to. Weekly inspirational quotes are read daily, along with sports, news, curricular activities, etc. long story short, starting them back up provides an opportunity for students to opt into listening that can tie their emotions to a time of normalcy.”

The broadcasts are made via an app called sportsYou and requires a specific code to view.