Mepham Spreads Positive Message With P.S. I Love You Day

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Taylor Schad, a senior in the Leadership Program at Mepham, stood in the hallway on Feb. 12, handing out purple-frosted baked goods and spreading positive messages.

“Tell someone you love them today,” she called out to passersby.
For P.S. I Love You Day, no donations are involved. Instead the day, which focuses on suicide prevention, simply asks people to show and tell others that they care. Students and staff are also encouraged to wear purple to show support.

“Tell those important to you that you love them,” explained Schad. “Also, try to complete random acts of kindess – which you should be doing anyway.”
The high school’s Leadership Program is a two-year course comprised of 58 seniors who are selected by teachers and staff.

“The purpose of the class is to build communication skills, encourage peer mentoring and hone listening and decision-making skills,” said teacher Jacqueline Geller.

Students have organized Pay It Forward Day, assisted at Freshman Orientation, attended the Human Rights Conference and hosted other events that promote positivity throughout the school.

For P.S. I Love You Day, members also wrote out nearly 1,200 messages attached to Hershey Kisses with compliments. These were distributed during first period to each student, as well as placed in faculty mailboxes.

The collaborative event was promoted with a student-directed and edited video about the day and how it came to be. To view Nelson Daza’s video, visit