Mepham Donates Prom Wear for Homeless Teens

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Mepham High School social worker Theana Cheliotes and the school’s Key Club recently hosted a donation drive for formal wear, shoes and accessories for 100 Suits for 100 Men.

The nonprofit group, which normally collects businesswear for men who cannot afford interview-appropriate clothing, teamed up with Mepham staff and students to gather gently used prom dresses and accessories for young women living in homeless shelters.

“Felisa Sternbach is the parent of a Mepham alumnus who contacted me asking if our Key Club would collect dresses to give to underprivileged girls,” explained Cheliotes, who also serves as the club’s faculty adviser.

She said they collected more than 180 prom dresses and 30 pairs of shoes/accessories to be distributed at the Magical Moment event, held on Feb. 27 in Jamaica, Queens.