Students Seuss Up the School

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It was a Wacky Wednesday indeed at the Meadowbrook Alternative Program, as students and staff celebrated Dr. Seuss’ birthday.

School Nurse Darlene Boden was the mastermind behind this creative event. Doors were decorated in Dr. Seuss themes and teachers and students alike even dressed the part, donning signature Seuss garb.

“She not only created all of the decorations, but she coordinated with the childcare and made green eggs; deviled eggs which were filled with green filling,” Principal Susan Ellinghaus explained. “She also filled a fish bowl with different colored Pepperidge Farm Goldfish and had the students guess how many were in there.”

Mid-morning students made their way to a childcare center that shares a building with the school and they read various Dr. Seuss tales to intrigued little children.

“It was a fun event to be a part of,” said student Derek Baumann.