Steve Rose Honored for Family Project

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The Family Project is a program that has been part of the Bellmore-Merrick community for the past 40 years. Many people with developmental disabilities do not have the same opportunities to socialize and build independent recreational skills as people who are neuro-typical in their development.  

The Family Project Program, founded and coordinated by Steve Rose, brings together students and adults with developmental disabilities to engage in social interactions, recreation and independent living skills development with the support of the school community. Student volunteers from our Bellmore-Merrick schools help to support the activities and provide fun at the Family Project meetings and events.

This year, Bellmore-Merrick celebrates Family Project’s 40th year. As the founder of the Family Project in 1975, Rose started working with a small group of students and volunteers on the front lawn of Grand Avenue Middle School.  

As time marched on, so did the program, which grew in size to reach dozens of student volunteers each year and 30-50 regular participants.

“Steve Rose retired as social worker from Bellmore-Merrick in 2012, but has tirelessly continued his life’s work dedicated to working with people with disabilities through Family Project and several other local agencies,” said Eric Arlin, director of special education and pupil personnel services.
“It is with tremendous gratitude for your 40 years of leadership, commitment and caring about the people of Bellmore-Merrick that BMCHSD Board of Education honors you for your work on the Family Project,” added board vice president Janet Goller.