Kennedy’s Taylor Bruno Wrestles School’s First Female Win

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Taylor Bruno, a student-athlete at Kennedy High School, became the first female wrestler in the school’s history to win a match.

The sophomore was victorious in overtime in the Dec. 1 match by the score of 6-4 versus a wrester from Great Neck North High School.

“I don't think there was ever anyone who doubted me or who has not pushed me to work to my fullest potential,” Bruno said. “For this season, I'm really focused on showing everyone what I can do, and work as hard as I can to win as much as I can.”

Bruno developed a love for the sport around 9 years old after being introduce to it by a cousin who achieved All-American wrestler status in college.

“When I’m asked what I like most about wrestling there is not just one answer,” Bruno said. “I like the one-on-one competition so you can really find out who the best is. And I enjoy the commitment because there's nothing else this serious. I love the bond I have with my team; they are really the best teammates I could ask for and I wouldn't have won without them.”

“Since I have been at Kennedy, we have had two other females finish a season, but never won a match versus a male,” said coach Brian DeGaetano. “Taylor is a year-round wrestler who is now in her second year with us. She never misses practice and works extremely hard each day.”

Bruno’s future goals include working toward placing at qualifiers or even the counties.
“I want to continue to push myself to work my hardest and never give up,” she added.