Preserving and Progressing: Merrick Avenue Unveils New Library Media Center

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In the interest of reshaping the model of the traditional library space, the staff at Merrick Avenue Middle recently unveiled their redesigned library media center – a true combination of the technology of the present paired with the aura of the past.

“It has become the heart of the building,” said English Chairperson Adeline Atkins. “The entire space is warm, inviting and intellectually engaging.”

To encourage and reinforce the value of literacy, Merrick Avenue Principal Dr. Taryn Johnson, noted that it was essential to include different learning areas, access to technology and literature that was readily at the fingertips of the students. “It was imperative that we remained cognizant of the fact that students learn differently and that the varying spaces support students’ learning styles.”
Keenly aware that this generation has embraced learning through technology, this new library is replete with iPads, Chromebooks, Kindles, Google Goggles, an Interactive SmartBoard, Apple TV and a 3-D Printer. Dr. Johnson added that plans for a Makerspace are in the works.  
In homage to the original library, a card catalog has been repurposed into a charging station and a supply closet has been transformed into a lit display case.  The district’s maintenance team restored the beauty of the original oak cabinetry through a sanding and restaining process that harkens the shelving back to its original era and grace.

The signatures of both classic and modern writers adorn the perimeter of the entire library separated by stacks of gilded books. Each signature is reflective of the spirit of the age in which the writers lived and the passion evoked in the subject of their works.

Similar projects are planned for Grand Avenue Middle School and Kennedy High School.