Please see the below email message from Ms. Hollings, Principal of Calhoun HS


Dear Parents:

Yesterday, 3 Calhoun girls were approached by 3 men in a white van at the Dunkin Donuts parking lot on Merrick Ave. in the late afternoon. These men voiced obscenities to the girls. The men waited in the van and then approached the girls again after they got their food. The men continued to ask the girls for their names and asked them to go with them. Two other Calhoun boys yelled at the men to leave the girls alone. The girls called a parent who came to pick the girls up and a report was filed with the police. Please make sure that your students know to call a parent immediately, to take a picture of the vehicle and the strangers, and to not share any personal information about social media accounts. If they are close to the building they should return to the building and tell an administrator. They should never walk home alone if they are being followed.

We will keep you informed of any other information related to these incidents.

Ms. Hollings