Arts and Music Celebrated in Middle Schools

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Music and art were the forefront of a spring showcase at Merrick Avenue and Grand Avenue middle schools on May 12.
Grand Avenue Middle School Principal Carlo Conte said art teachers have been working hard all year with the students to organize this colorful display.  

“This event transforms our hallways and classrooms into an amazing gallery of art,” he added.

 Pre-concert duets and trio's were performed at the entrance to the auditorium as guests marveled at the artwork.

“The work that was showcased included a variety of material: cut paper collage, oil pastel, colored pencil, graphite, acrylic, watercolor and tempera paint,” said Danielle Steiding, a Merrick Avenue art teacher. “I am extremely proud of the students and the work that comes out of them at such a young age.”

Afterward, band and choir members performed various numbers, treating the audience to an evening of vocal and instrumental music, with “styles varied from Beethoven to ragtime to Lady Gaga,” according to the districtwide middle school Orchestrea Director Michael D’Addio.
“All of the performances were of high-quality and were well received,” added Music Director Richard Gilley. “At the end of the concert the band and chorus performed ‘God Bless the U.S.A.’ together for the finale.”

Gilley and Choral Director Dana Brandwein also sang a duet rendition of “Piano Man,” in celebration of Billy Joel’s 67th birthday.