Calhoun Celebrates World Culture

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English as New Language and the International Buddy Club transformed Calhoun High School’s faculty room into a World Culture Carnival celebrating the rich diversity of the school.

Students and faculty enjoyed foods from different countries donated by families and staff members. ENL teachers and International Buddy Club advisers, Heather Glick and Mae Angeles, worked together with students and club members to organize and create activities, decorations and a festive atmosphere of inclusion and cultural awareness.

The event had special visitors from the ENL program at Merrick Avenue Middle School, the central administration, as well as some of Calhoun’s former and current ENL students.

In addition to the food, students and teachers competed in different games to broaden their knowledge of the world. 

“We are very proud of our program and what these kids do,” said ENL Department Chair Enrique Montes. “We value the strength of our diversity and the cultural wealth that every student brings to the school community.”