Calhoun Celebrates Advanced Science Research Seniors

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The Advanced Science Research program at Sanford H. Calhoun High School strives to fuse classroom knowledge with practical experiences throughout.  

“There is no better way to learn how to be a scientist than through the ‘doing’ of science,” said ASR teacher Jennifer Pefanis.

This year’s Science Symposium celebrated the work of the students, the dedication of their mentors and the support of their parents and families.  

In addition, 13 seniors were honored for their success, hard work and perseverance.

They include: Sanjida Chowdhury, Asim Ahmed, Noelle Perrone, Rachel November, Jacob Miller, Paulina Fein, Haley Ryan, Julianna Casella, Nicole Fegan, Noel Mahabir, Katherine Ryan, Louis Lin and Brian Kishinevsky.