At Taste of Little Italy at Mepham

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On May 25, Mepham High School students gathered after school for an elite event during which they learned how to order a meal in Italian.

World Languages teacher Caterina Dand, who organized the event, designed a program in which students learned the Italian language and explored the cultural differences between Italy and the United States.

Italian students volunteered to be "waiters" and took the orders of the participants. The attendees practiced their newly acquired expressions, placed their order from the menu and enjoyed a delicious Italian meal.

“The participants left with knowledge they could take with them on their future travels to Italy,” said Dand.

Mepham’s ELITE Program (Enriching Learners in Tomorrow's Education) is a promise to the future to enrich and inspire students by providing after-school enrichment opportunities designed to educate the whole student. The program encourages students to follow their passion and explore topics of genuine interest while developing the skills to be well rounded citizens and good thinkers for life after Mepham.