Nine Students Advance at LISEF

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Nine Advance Science Research students in the district have advanced to round two of the Long Island Science and Engineering Fair (LISEF).

From Kennedy: Rachel Mashal, a senior whose research was completed at Long Island University Post, studied Development of a Caffeine Addiction Paradigm to Examine How Dietary Restriction and Level of TOR Signaling Modulate the Effects of Drugs; Anna Kuznetsova, a senior whose research was completed at the Feinstein Institute for Medical Research, studied Bringing Bacteria Back to Life: Are Probiotic Bacteria in Human Milk Dormant or Dead After Freezer Storage?; Steven Obadiah, a senior whose research was completed at Hofstra University, studied The Manipulation of Microfilaments and Microtubules during Cotton Fiber Initiation; and Claire Kelly, a junior whose research was completed at the University of Chicago, studied Impulsivity as a Predictor for Enhanced Attention Towards Novel Drug-Paired Stimuli.

Four students from Calhoun also moved on to round two: senior Katherine Ratner, whose research topic is Power Dissipation of Tropical Cyclones in the Atlantic Basin by Sub-Region of Origin; senior Brian Kishinevsky, whose research topic is Orbits of Curves on a 4 Holed Sphere; senior Louis Lin, whose research topic is The Interactions of p53 and Mannose in Congenital Disorders of Glycosylation Using a Zebrafish Model; and senior Jacob Miller, whose research topic is SNP of DPP4 as Probable Cause of BCM7 Intolerance in Children with ASDs.

From Mepham: senior Ben Honigsfeld advanced to the next round. He completed his research at Molloy College on the topic Loss of GSK3-B by Lithium Chloride Induces Chemotherapeutic Resistance in Ovarian Cancer.

The next round of LISEF will be March 10. First place winners at round two will advance to the INTEL International Science and Engineering Fair this May in Phoenix, Arizona.  

The Charles Duggan Long Island Science and Engineering Fair (LISEF) is a competition for the most advanced high school projects; the participants in this fair have a chance to present to professionals in their subject areas from local universities, scientific institutions and professionals in the field. Presently, this fair is held over two days. First place finalists in round two advance to the International Science and Engineering Fair.