Kennedy, Calhoun Medal at Science Olympiad

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Several of the district’s high school Science Olympiad teams competed in the Nassau East Regional Science Olympiad in late January.  
Kennedy placed seventh out of 44 teams.

“The outstanding results, listed below, show the teams’ diversity of talents across a wide range of scientific disciplines; and, is a reflection of the months of study and preparation our Science Club kids and their coaches invest leading up to the regional event,” said Robert Soel, Kennedy’s science chairperson.

Michael Molzon and Ryan Biggs, sixth-place medal, Air Trajectory; Alyssia Kazan and Joe Sirabella, first-place medal, Wind Power; Michael Molzon and James Giammetta, second-place medal, Wind Power; Rachel Mashal and Vladimir Mazur, second-place medal, Cell Biology; Colby Germann and Evan Rothchild, eighth-place medal, Cell Biology; Whitney Sussman and Faith Fernandez, seventh-place medal, Geologic Mapping; Anna Kuznetsova and Michael Sternbach, eighth-place medal, Disease Detectives; Evan Rothchild, Colby Germann and Alyssia Kazan, eighth-place medal, Experimental Design; Rachel Mashal and James Giammetta, first-place medal, Forensic Science; Ryan Biggs and Skylar Hasseck, 10th place medal, Astronomy; David Mehani and Alyssia Kazan, third-place medal, Chemistry Lab; Michael Sternbach and Anna Kuznetsova, sixth-place medal, Chemistry Lab; Ryan Biggs and James Giammetta, sixth-place medal, Dynamic Planet; Michael Molzon and Eric McGarry, 10th-place medal, Optics; Eric McGarry and Richard Brea, fourth-place medal, It’s About Time; Skylar Hasseck and James Hayes, ninth-place medal, Remote Sensing; Eric McGarry and James Hayes, seventh-place medal, Fossils; Hanna Choset, Vladimir Mazur and Anna Kuznetsova, 10th-place medal, Protein Modeling.

The Calhoun Science Olympiad team won six times and were given the Spirit Award.

Medal earners included: Haley Ryan and Amanda Welk in Write it Do it; Brandon Lax and Chris Reyes in Game On; Haley Ryan and Chris Reyes in Remote Sensing; Zach Neiger and Ben Libov in Electric Vehicle; Juliana Welk and Katherine Ryan in Write it Do it; and Ayana Oancea and Lauren Jones in Fossils.

Calhoun also had three partnerships, one place from medal contention.
Fifteen students will represent the district at the state competition on March 12.