Calhoun Inducts 33 Students into Art Honor Society

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The National Art Honor Society Induction for Calhoun was held on Feb.11. Thirty-three new inductees attended a ceremony that celebrated the impact art has on our lives.

“It was a lovely night to celebrate our best and brightest artists,” added Principal Nicole Hollings.

Cheryl Fontana, director of Fine & Performing Arts and Adult Education, spoke of her connection to Calhoun arts and how her experience in the high school led her to her current career.

“An induction into the National Art Honor Society is something that you should be incredibly proud of as it truly demonstrates your passion and commitment to art,” said Fontana.

She said it all came down to five basic lessons for her: “celebrate different perspectives, realize the impact of subtle changes, understand the value of criticism, appreciate what surrounds you and finally don’t be afraid to take risks.”