Blake Fisher Honored by School Board

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After competition at the state level of the Poetry Out Loud competition and representing the Bellmore-Merrick Central High School District, Calhoun senior Blake Fisher was recognized by the board of education for her accomplishment.

Poetry Out Loud is a national competition that requires competitors to recite three poems from a selection of specified works at the regionals, state and national competitions. Blake moved on from her class competition to place as first runner-up in the regional competition and then finally representing the district at the state level.

“Blake is enrolled in a rigorous academic schedule, a member of several honor societies, a recipient of All-State and All-County honors as a vocalist, the treasurer of the senior class, a four-year member and current assistant leader of Crescendo, and an active member of Calhoun’s On Tour program,” added Board Trustee Wendy Gargiulo.