Mepham Encourages Students to Arrive Alive

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Mepham High School students were driving recklessly in the back parking lot of the school, swerving, almost crashing into parked cars and just missing pedestrians. The simulations were all part of the Arrive Alive Tour to promote awareness about the impacts of impaired and distracted driving.

Arrive Alive, a drunk and distracted driving education program and simulator demonstration sponsored by the Community Parent Center, Bellmore-Merrick Central High School District and Mepham, is hosted in partnership with State Farm Insurance and the Allyson Rosenblatt Memorial Fund.

Using a high-tech simulator and special goggles, the Arrive Alive program allowed 200 Mepham students to experience first-hand, the dangers of drinking and driving and texting while driving without the deadly consequences in a safe, controlled environment.

In addition to the simulator, the New York State Police brought the Seat Belt Convincer to Mepham to demonstrate the importance of always wearing a seat belt. The Seat Belt Convincer is an educational tool that simulates a low impact vehicle crash.  It allowed the students to experience forces, of up to five times their body weight, similar to that of a 5 to 7 mph crash.

“When it comes to car safety, wearing a seat belt could be the difference between life or death in a car crash,” said Wendy Tepfer, Executive Director of the Community Parent Center. “Driving impaired or distracted can be deadly. Our goal is to keep our teen drivers safe. If we saved one life as a result of these activities, then we have done our job.”