Calhoun Girls Track and Field Named Back-to-Back Division Champions

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On May 15, the young women of the district’s Calhoun High School track and field team rivaled interdistrict squad from Mepham High School to compete in the Division IIA championships.

Calhoun's division has a reputation throughout the county as being by far the toughest to win and this year was no exception, explained coach Joseph Migliano.

“The girls would face off with Mepham and Manhasset, amongst the rest of the division,” he said. “On a day that saw winds up to 25mph, Calhoun knew that they were going to have to be on their A-game to overcome, due to their youth and size.”

Freshman Elizabeth Tuzzolo started the meet strong, running the 400m hurdles and placing fourth overall.

"Elizabeth is a shining star as far as freshmen go in the county,” Migliano continued. “Her work ethic and dedication is going to take her very far in this sport.”

The rest of the team were just as successful. In the 100m dash, senior Cristin Rodriguez took first and freshman Lisa Jose placed fourth. Rodriguez once again placed first this time in the 100m high hurdles. Teammates junior Paige Sfiroudis and senior Dana Brown won second and fourth, respectively. Calhoun picked up 22 points from this race, Migliano explained.

In long jump, Sfiroudis was first and junior Katie Goodman was third. Sfiroudis also came in first in triple, while Rodriguez placed in the high jump.

"Cristin Rodriguez is truly that special athlete, that myself and the team are going to miss greatly, she's irreplaceable," said Migliano.

Junior Katie Corona won the 800m — a race that she was seeded fourth going in with three Manhasset girls above her but she upset them all to become division champion and added 10 points to the team, Migliano explained.

Rodriguez scored 30 points for Calhoun that day, while Sfiroudis was named MVP for Calhoun.

“Paige is a special girl that had a tremendous day,” Migliano said. “It wasn't long ago that she was only a stand out volleyball player, now she is a serious force in the track and field world. Not only is she a leader and one of the best jumpers in Nassau, but she is also currently ranked seventh in the state for long jump. Being a junior, the sky is really the limit for Paige and her potential."

The throwers, Jamie Campanelli, Julissa McLeod, Victoria Unz and Madison Padro, also placed in shotput and discus.

Calhoun was able to upset Manhasset and take the championship by a score of 136-118; and go on to win the Division Championship for the second consecutive year.