Mepham Student Revitalizes Calhoun Courtyard

Ian Randman, a student at Mepham High School, chose an Eagle Scout project that will be long-lasting both in structure and memory.

Randman renovated the courtyard at the Calhoun High School after his friend and former Calhoun student, Shawn Asman, passed away. Asman and Randman’s sister, Elizabeth, both attended the district’s Prep for Life program and were in a long-term relationship.

 “After his passing, I knew I wanted to dedicate my project to him, and I figured the best way to do that was to have my project include a place he spent a significant portion of his time and was well known,” Randman said.

After fundraising nearly $6,000, Randman and his family and friends worked to build a new gazebo. Remaining funds were donated to the school for maintenance. The work was completed on Oct. 13. Randman also power washed the surrounding patio and built a new bench. A dedication plaque is displayed at the opening of the gazebo.

“The completion of the project brings me happiness as I know Shawn will be getting the recognition he deserves for being such a great guy to everyone he met,” Randman said. “Calhoun students (and classes) will now be able to enjoy the area for years to come, and I hope that students and teachers will understand how much Shawn meant to people for this area to be dedicated to him.”

Dr. Neil Testa, a vice principal at Calhoun, said that students could utilize the area in the warmer months.

“It’s also a future goal of ours to make the area a job site for students in the Prep for Life program and the gazebo was necessary for us to achieve that vision.”