Mepham Fosters Community Connections With TEDx Event

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Mepham High hosted its first motivational TEDx event aimed at reaching a span of generations in the local community.

TEDxWCMephamHigh, is a locally curated TEDx event geared toward creating connections across disciplines and across generations.

Motivational speakers included Gian Paul Gonzalez, who worked with the New York Giants ahead of their 2012 Super Bowl win. His “all in” message resounded around the world.

“All in is not a slogan, it’s a lifestyle,” he said. “When you keep going after others tell you to quit … or that you’re not good enough.”
Additionally, the event also included presentations and performances from Mepham's own Becky Morawski, Matthew Singh, Rina Sarfraz, Emily Fontanetta and Brooke Pesce. Singh spoke about the breakdown of the English language.

“It’s difficult to text and type when you can't express emotion,” Singh said. “For millennials like us, it’s hard to think of a time without computers or cell phones. There needs to be some form of moderation so that my children are not glued to a screen."

He suggested the solution begins at school with teaching that “writing and speaking go hand in hand.”

"Don't type a word on a report or essay that you can't pronounce," Singh added.

“Over 60 TEDxYouth events were happening around the world this weekend in places like Jakarta, Dubai, Madrid and here in Bellmore,” said Melanie Sirof, TEDxWCMephamHigh organizer and senior experience teacher.  “We set out to create a day where participants felt part of something bigger. We wanted to have small surprises along the way - gift bags, roses and music -  to inspire and motivate. Judging by the happy buzz, I think we succeeded."