Advanced Science Research Students Earn Regeneron Badges

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Several students in the district’s Advanced Science Research program earned badges in the Regeneron Science Talent Search competition. 

The Research Report Badge is awarded to an entrant who has submitted a well-written, college-level, journal-style research report based on his or her own independent science research. The Student Initiative Badge is awarded to an entrant who has exhibited extraordinary effort and dedication in his or her pursuit of scientific research and has made great accomplishments relative to the resources available to him or her.

From Wellington C. Mepham High School:
Sami Atiq - Initiative Badge, Research Report Badge
Yusuf Hasan - Research Report Badge
Steven Scheel - Initiative Badge, Research Report Badge
Rebecca Scotto - Research Report Badge

From Sanford H. Calhoun High School:
Syed Umer Ahmed: Student Initiative & Student Report
Zachary Neiger: Student Initiative & Student Report
Kyle Pilotti: Student Initiative & Student Report
Amelia Seabold: Student Initiative & Student Report
Camryn Artz: Student Initiative
Lindsey Parmett: Student Initiative
Anais Kaplun: Research Report
Joy Ma: Research Report

From John F. Kennedy High School:
Matthew Klein: Research Report & Initiative Badge + Scholar
Cameron Levy: Research Report & Initiative Badge + Scholar
Olivia Mark: Research Report & Initiative Badge
Amanda Schleider: Research Report & Initiative Badge
Gabrielle Beauharnais: Research Report
Nicole Khouryawad: Research Report

All students who submit a paper and application receive an Entrant Badge. The students above received an Entrant Badge along with the following students:

Genevieve Tripoli, Peter Romero, Erin McNamara, Kim Strull, Michaela O’Connor, Steven Manolios, Lindsay Jordan and Caitlyn Perrone of Calhoun High School; Bianca Singh of Mepham High School; and Chloe Rome, Luca Rosen and Nina Weissbach of Kennedy High School.

“All seniors completed research with an outside mentor in a university and/or laboratory setting and wrote college-level papers describing their research,” said Robert Soel, science chairperson at Kennedy High School.