Mepham Displays Pirate Pride at Homecoming

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The Mepham High School varsity football team advanced to 5-0 this season with a homecoming victory over New Hyde Park Memorial High School on Oct. 6.

Head coach Anthony Cracco led the team to a 35-7 win, and the crowd delivered tremendous energy during the homecoming game.
“We have a terrific group of young men working toward a common goal,” said Cracco. “They have made many sacrifices to improve as a team and achieve a common goal.”

Ahead of the game, the Mepham community enjoyed a festival and bonfire.

At halftime, the cheerleading squad and Pirette kickliners performed at the midfield line. Tight end James Hatcliffe and Pirette Jordana Bove were crowned homecoming king and queen, respectively. 

District administrators, Mepham teachers, alumni and Legislator Steve Rhoads were in attendance during the celebration and game.

“Pirate pride was at an all-time high at Mepham’s 80th anniversary,” said Principal Eric Gomez. “It’s always remarkable to see the community gather in a sea of maroon to cheer on our students and athletes. We appreciate all of the efforts that helped in making the evening a true victory.”