Grand Avenue Student Guess Candy Counts

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Grand Avenue Middle School in the Bellmore-Merrick High School District held its first Halloween Candy Guessing contest this year - and the students were up to the estimating challenge.

Students submitted their guestimates for the past two weeks to Assistant Principal James Mollica’s office, where he kept track of the lucky winners.  

Kate O’Halloran had a perfect guess with 901 M&Ms. Both Thomas Coyne and Alisha Marfani were off by only one Hershey Kiss, each guessing 105 and Olivia Holmes was off by only two candy corns with a guess of 640. 

The exact numbers for the candy jars are as follows 901 M&Ms, 642 Candy Corns and 104 Hershey Kisses. They had over 800 students and faculty submit guesses.