Mepham Students Uncover the Past

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Seniors in Kerry Dennis’ Gilder Lehrman research class, Uncovering the Past, spent Nov. 3 listening to the stories of Mepham High School alumni.

Guests included Maggie Hennessey, Class of 1945; Roy Probeyahn, Class of 1956; Dr. David Krinsky, Class of 1967; Karen Ponton, Class of 1983; Mepham librarian Shari Stack, Class of 1998 and Mepham special education teacher Anthony Augugliaro, Class of 2009. 

“The meet and greet is the final component of The Mepham Project, which provides students the opportunity to study the rich history of Mepham,” Dennis said. “Their stories were recorded and will join the collection that began when the project was first introduced in the fall of 2009.”