World Language Students Learn Culture Outside of the Classroom

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On April 19, seniors from Mepham High School’s College Spanish courses attended the musical “On Your Feet” in Manhattan with their teachers, Cecilia Larrea and Danielle McNeil.

“Students had recently completed a unit of study on immigration. The musical, which highlights Gloria and Emilio Estefan’s journey as Cuban immigrants in search of the American dream, was a wonderful culmination to the unit,” explained World Languages Chairperson Rosa Kaplan.  

After the show, students learned more about how the Estefans have impacted the music industry. They then wrote a cultural comparison to compare the Estefans to another immigrant who has contributed to American society.

In Italian classes, students researched family members that entered the United States through Ellis Island. They were able to view ship manifests that included personal information on their family members; many of whom they did not know. As a culminating activity to the unit, 12th-grade students from Kristen Montuori’s and Andrew Franklin’s Italian classes visited Ellis Island on April 21.  

“Students were guided by an Italian audio tour as they explored the exhibits of the museum and learned about the immigrant experience,” Franklin said. “After the museum, students experienced Italian food and culture at Eataly NYC Downtown, an Italian restaurant and marketplace.”