Calhoun Club Hosts Valentine’s Day Dance for Special Education Students

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Love was in the air at Calhoun on Feb. 11 as the World of Difference Club hosted a Valentine’s Day dance for some important people.

Students in the special education program were treated to an evening of dinner, dancing and activities within the school.

Club Presidents Rachel Gershengoren and Liz Scopo helped organize the event a month prior. They wore shirts and manned ticket, food and other stations to help make the evening run smoothly.

The special education, along with the art department, even created papier-mache globes to serve as table decorations for the Love Makes the World Go Round theme.

A member of the club since freshmen year, Gershengoren said, “interacting with the special education students and seeing them smiling and dancing” is incredibly rewarding for her and her fellow club members.