High Schools Announce Poetry Out Loud winners

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Poetry Out Loud competitions were held at the high school level in mid-December in the Central High School District. 

“After each performer had his or her chance to recite a selected poem, judges' scores were tallied by a panel of English teachers,” explained Mary Donnelly, English chairperson.

At Calhoun High School, winners were freshman Anneliese Marmol (first place) and sophomore Reza Aziz (second place). 

“It was one of the best competitions we have ever had, and all participants performed well,” said Kim Serpe, English chairperson.

At Mepham High School, junior Candace Casimir (first place) and sophomore Eimaan Khan (second place) were winners. At Kennedy High School, winners were senior Jennifer Avezov (first place) sophomore Gabriella Onesto (second place).

Winners move on to the regional competition on Feb. 8 at Nassau Community College.