Calhoun Leadership Class Takes to the Streets

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On Jan. 15, Brian Joyce’s leadership class at Calhoun High School was spotted cleaning trash near Dunkin Donuts on Webster Street. A community member shared her appreciation with Principal Nicole Hollings.

“The amount of enthusiasm displayed by these young adults was inspirational and much appreciated by the residents,” the note read. “It’s wonderful to realize that there are responsible and caring students.”

The students were surprised that the simple act of picking up trash could have such an effect on people. 

“People came out to thank us for what we were doing,” sophomore Maura Walters said. “It is amazing how something so simple can make such a difference for people and the community.” 

In her weekly email sent on Jan. 18, Principal Hollings shared with parents her pride for the students who choose to do good and kind things for others.

“In the spirit of Martin Luther King Jr., let us all look for ways to do good, be kind, shed light on injustice and be better people,” she said.