Bellmore-Merrick Broadcasting Bequeathed Gift from Alumnus

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From mimeographs to the green screen, the way the Mepham High School student body gets its news is ever changing.
To further advance the Bellmore-Merrick Broadcasting program, Frank Merklein Sr., a member of the Class of 1940, bequeathed $5,000.

Longtime friends of Merklein, Jerry Worthing and Clare Worthing, also Mepham alumni, have been acting as ambassadors of his wishes and visited the program on March 27 for a tour.

Merkelin worked in the television industry as a cameraman in the 1950s and was part of the “Howdy Doody” crew, as well the debut of The Today Show.

Students interviewed the couple on their Mepham experiences, as well as the life of Merklein, for future use in news packages.

“When we were students, we got our news from the school newspaper, The Buccaneer,” Jerry Worthing said. 

While The Buccaneer is still produced today, the broadcasting program films and edits daily announcements as well as provides video services for various events throughout the district. 

“As the program continues to mature, we are learning about more advanced technology that can be used in instruction,” said Mary Donnelly, a district English chairperson. “This gives us an opportunity to purchase some of that new technology.”