“One Voice, One Message” Ambassadors Praise Efforts

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Ambassadors from the Central High School District’s “One Voice, One Message,” a districtwide, student-led think tank, stood before the board of education on May 4, touting the program’s success and accomplishments.
“We made a lot of progress in a short time,” said Kennedy High School senior Alex Dobosh. “You had kids going back to their schools and talking about events and initiatives in the hallways to get others excited.”

One such event was a districtwide Day of Service, organized in conjunction with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday.

“This act was an effective way to follow in the footsteps of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.,” said Marco Hanna, an eighth-grader at Merrick Avenue Middle School.

Items were collected, sorted, packed and delivered to families in need, a collaborative effort between the district’s staff and 5,600 students.

“This process has made me a better leader, listener and helper,” said Liam Orr, a student at Grand Avenue Middle School.

Sara Samir, a student from Calhoun High School, praised the success of the recent OVOM 5K Run/Walk, which raised money for an organization that aides in bringing clean drinking water to people in developing countries.

“The success truly shows what BMCHSD is capable of achieving,” Samir added.

Created in March of 2014, student ambassadors from the district’s four high schools and two middle schools join together throughout the school year to address issues impacting the student body and surrounding community.

“When the middle schools were included, it made us feel like our feelings and voices were being heard,” said Jillian Mayer, a Grand Avenue Middle School student.

They work closely with teachers and administrators to achieve district goals, thus fostering the “One Voice, One Message” initiative.

“We hope this has lasting impacts on these students,” said Superintendent John DeTommaso. “When you have a program like this that is self-generating, it works.”

It would seem so, as Tim Tracy of Mepham High School, noted that through this program, he has “learned that one small action can make an outstanding impact on society.”