Robotics Clubs Debut at Middle schools

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In their inaugural year, Robotics Clubs at both Grand and Merrick Avenue middle schools met weekly to collaborate on projects and learn about coding.

“Students started by assembling a standard robot and learning to code basic movements,” said Michelle Biancardo, a technology teacher and the adviser to both schools’ clubs. “Students programmed the robot to follow a line, sense an object and go around it or pick up an object. All components such as an armature – what spins the motor - were built by the students and then coded to perform the task.” 

The team, along with Grand Avenue’s Robotics Club, recently competed in the Adelphi STEP Robotics Competition. Students began building robots from scratch in March.

“I was so impressed with our middle school students and their robots,” said Science/STEM Chairperson Rob Soel. “They were all excited and well prepared for both the presentations and the actual competition in the LEGO Mindstorm field.”

Grand Avenue placed eighth and Merrick Avenue 24th out of 30 teams.