District Welcomes Students into New Beginnings

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The district began the process of the new school year on August 28 by welcoming students to orientations at all five schools.

Grand Avenue and Merrick Avenue middle schools were eager to welcome seventh-graders as administrators and eighth-grade students guided the new students through the hallways. Principals, administrators and staff members assisted the seventh-graders with locker combinations and class schedules. Students went through a modified class schedule to find each classroom before attempting to open their lockers.

Recently graduated eighth-graders from Grand Avenue and Merrick Avenue were among the freshmen at orientation at John F. Kennedy, Sanford H. Calhoun and Wellington C. Mepham high schools. At Mepham, the ninth-grade class was broken into a pair of sessions where students met adminstrators before being led on a tour of the school by junior and senior class leaders.

Principal Eric Gomez, now in his second year at Mepham, encouraged students to embrace “Pirate Pride” by joining extracurricular activities and attending the numerous events offered throughout the year.

The district wishes the best of luck to new and returning students as a another school year is upon us!