Mepham Students Can Dance

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Mepham High School held its 10th annual So They Think They Can Dance competition on April 10.

The event is modeled after the reality dance competition shows on television and is presented by the varsity kickline team each year. Eight teams were selected by teachers/coaches Kerry Dennis and Jackie Geller and were composed of athletes, musicians, artists and scholars from each grade. 

The students competed to win the praise and scores of judges Principal Eric Gomez and Assistant Principals Dr. Jennifer Carne and Marie Netto. 

The night was hosted by Mepham senior David Riobo and special education teacher and track coach Anthony Augugliaro, who was a competitor as a student in the very first competition in 2009. 

The Bellmore-Merrick broadcasting students covered the evening’s dance numbers. Team Celine were the Jazz champions and overall winners.
“The night continues to showcase Mepham spirit and pirate pride,” Dennis said.