Meadow Alternative Program Delivers Antibullying Message to Elementary Students

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On April 30, the Meadowbrook Alternative Program’s School and Community Leadership class delivered their cyberbullying presentation to the fifth- and sixth-grade classes of the Newbridge Road Elementary School in the North Bellmore School District.  

“This partnership was forged earlier in the school year when the students at Newbridge Road and the leadership class at MAP both read the children's novel “Wonder” and went to see the film back in November,” said Zachary Gosse, a special education teacher. “The main character in the book experiences bullying in his new school, which inspired the leadership students to identify tools to help combat cyberbullying in school buildings.”  

MAP students identified a free software app (ReThink) that is easily downloaded to any phone, tablet or device, which effectively stops cyberbullying before the damage is done. 
“The presentation provided a venue for the leadership students to discuss the negative impact cyberbullying has on learning environments and how ReThink helps give users an opportunity to pause and re-evaluate a hurtful message or post before it is sent,” Gosse added.
The leadership class also displayed their student made infomercial highlighting ReThink and how it can benefit adolescents who use their cellphones on a regular basis.