MAP Shakespeare Festival Goes Digital

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The Meadowbrook Alternative Program kicked off is Shakespeare Festival on May 3 - digital style.
“We have created a green-screen wall, which will not only enable me to film larger, more active scenes from Shakespeare, but our entire staff can now use it to create video projects with the students,” said director and English teacher Laura Sheridan. “The supplies needed to create the wall and to purchase audio/visual equipment were provided through a grant from the Parent Community Center.”

Performances included Julius Caesar, Antony & Cleopatra, Much Ado About Nothin, and Romeo & Juliet and were videotaped and presented in the auditorium. They included students, staff and administrators.

“The festival takes months to prepare, especially now that we do most of it pre-taped,” Sheridan explained. “It involves many hands and a lot of volunteering.”

In preparation of the festival, several students took a field trip to Manhattan to see Julius Caesar performed at the Classic Stage Company in mid-March.

“Experiencing a live performance of Shakespeare gave them perspective and inspiration for their own scenes,” Sheridan said