Bellmore-Merrick CHSD, Forever 9 Honor CPR/AED Training Partnership

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In 2011, Forever 9-The Robbie Levine Foundation partnered with the CHSD to start a pilot program at Merrick Avenue Middle School, certifying all students in CPR/AED. 

“The program was so quickly a success, that it gradually expanded to all of the district’s middle and high schools,” said founder and local parent Jill Levine. “We realized that the most logical way to reach all students was in physical education class. Our foundation trained all of the physical education teachers to become actual CPR/AED trainers, and every student that goes through our schools is trained in these lifesaving skills every year.” 

These trainings are a success due to the district and teachers embrace of the program and ability to incorporate it into the already existing curriculum. This collaboration was recently celebrated at the 10th annual Dealing with Hearts Gala, which fundraises for the foundation.

“Our teachers are therefore directly responsible for lives saved, by some of the students that they have taught,” Levine added.

While physical education is an integral part of the educational process throughout the district, it is programs such as these that elevate students’ capabilities in real-world situations.

“We are very fortunate to be able to partner with Forever 9-The Robbie Levine Foundation, to offer hands-on instruction in CPR and AED for nearly 5,600 students in our district,” said Eric Caballero, director of physical education, athletics, driver education and health. “This initiative would not be possible without the generous support of the foundation. The product of our partnership in this endeavor is the opportunity for our students to have the skill set to save a life.”