Mepham Students Present at Human Rights Conference

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On Feb. 1, members of the Mepham School and Community Leadership class attended the 32nd annual Human Rights Conference at Adelphi University and presented a workshop, “Targeted Teens: Discrimination and Diversity in our Schools.”  

“Over the course of three sessions, five leaders at a time, led workshop attendees through a 50-minute interactive experience that challenged participants to consider what stereotyping, prejudice and discrimination are, where we find them in our schools, and how we can combat them in our schools,” explained Social Studies Chairperson Robyn Einbinder.

Through small group discussion and large group debrief, the participants engaged in conversations about what a judgment-free society looks like, how they could prevent discrimination from spreading, how they can change their school to be more accepting toward others, and how they can prevent themselves from judging a book by its cover?  

While only 15 members of the senior class actually presented, all 24 students, along with social studies teacher Jacqueline Geller, developed the workshop.