Science Research Students Advance to LISEF Round 2

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After a long and arduous day of presenting their research to professional judges from all over Long Island, five students in the district received notice that their projects would be advancing to Long Island Science & Engineering Fair Round 2. 

Sanford H. Calhoun High School senior Kyle Pilotti and sophomore Sonia Sarju, John F. Kennedy seniors Cameron Levy and Lucas Rosen, and Wellington C. Mepham senior Yusuf Hasan will battle on March 7 to win a spot to attend the International Science Engineering Fair competition, which will be held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in May.

Hasan’s project is titled "The Effects of Homocysteine and Amyloid Beta on the SH-SY5Y Cell Line."

Levy’s research, “An Analysis of the Interactions Among the Histone Deacetylase Sir2, TOR Signaling, and the Heat Shock Response Instigator Heat Shock Factor 1,” was completed at Long Island University, CW POST.

Pilotti's project, "Predicted and Observed Wind Profiles Over Southampton, NY," was conducted over the summer at Stony Brook Simon's Summer Research Program.

Rosen will move forward in the mathematics category. His project is titled “PEACE and WAR: Eliminating Luck to Project True Offensive Value of Major League Baseball Batters.”

Sarju hit the ground running as the only sophomore in the ASR program. She worked as part of a team with students from St. Anthony’s and Syosset high schools on the project, "ZnO NP Regulation: Identification of the IRT1 Ortholog in Lemma minor," at the iResearch Institute this past summer.