Middle School Ambassadors Share Mission With Elementary Schools

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Student ambassadors from Merrick Avenue and Grand Avenue middle schools recently collaborated on a presentation for the elementary school students in Merrick, North Merrick, Bellmore and North Bellmore. 

Students spoke about the district’s community cupboard and encouraged the elementary schools to come up with ways that they could be part of the mission to end hunger. 

“Students shared their roles as ambassadors, the work that they do in their individual school and districtwide, facts about poverty as well as what our current cupboard needs and is doing,” said Grand Avenue Assistant Principal Andrew Del Rosario.

“The most exciting part of the presentation came when the ambassadors turned it over to the elementary school students and opened up the floor for questions and discussion to brainstorm ways that they can help and participate,” added Merrick Avenue Assistant Principal Katelyn Dunn.

The elementary schools were very receptive and the students were excited to be part of the mission.