Calhoun Expo Invites Guests Into the Art

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On Dec. 7, visitors were invited to step right up — and into — the 30 stations at the Art Expo at Calhoun High School, which encouraged interaction more than observation.

“Many facets of the field were represented,” said art teacher and expo organizer Heather Lohr. “Students touched on every type of art style from the more traditional drawing, painting, sculpture and architecture to new media such as animation and design.”

Booth setups included a walk-in pinhole camera, a giant animation reel called a zoetrope, a sculpture bar set, an oversized slide tile puzzle and giant building blocks. 

“Through this process, they were made aware of not just how, but why art is created,” said art teacher and expo organizer Michael Goldberg. “All hopefully left the event inspired with the knowledge that art is all around us.”

Visitors were also able to “zen out” in the Japanese-inspired mindfulness tent. The creative juices were overflowing.