MAP Club Creates Notes of Kindness to #EraseHate

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MAP Club Creates Notes of Kindness to #EraseHate

Last week marked the 20th Anniversary of Matthew Shepard’s death and The Meadowbrook Alternative Program’s Gay Straight Alliance, under the auspices of #EraseHate, invited students and staff to view a video and then create messages of kindness to honor Shepard’s memory.  

The messages were written on hearts and are displayed next to Jennifer Weinstein-Ondras’s classroom door. 

The Matthew Shepard Foundation asked that the hearts be placed on a nearby fence and while the unfavorable weather conditions prevented this, MAP created their own “fence” using a paperclip chain.

“Many thanks to her and to the GSA for hosting this event,” said Principal Susan Ellinghaus. “I think Matthew would be proud to know our students care.”