English Teachers Recognized as Educators of Excellence

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Two teachers from the Central High School District were recently recognized by New York State English Council as Educators of Excellence.

Tanya Cestaro of Calhoun High School and Rebecca Levy of Grand Avenue Middle School were honored at an awards ceremony at the NYSEC annual conference held in Albany on Oct. 19. 

Both the teachers and their respective English chairpersons Kim Serpe and Mary Donnelly attended.

“Ms. Levy serves as a model educator for our district and a leader among her peers,” said Donnelly. “In 2017, Ms. Levy shared her time and talents by contributing to the Humanities 7 curriculum writing project. The success of the district’s Humanities initiative wouldn’t be the same without Ms. Levy’s numerous contributions.”

“Always looking to develop her teaching repertoire, Ms. Cestaro can be counted on to attend professional development conferences and to embrace teaching in a co-teach environment such as in Senior Experience and collaborative programs,” added Serpe.

The application process included a letter of nomination and letters of recommendation from supervisors and colleagues. They will be honored again by the Long Island Language Arts Council in May.