Calhoun’s Noah Marchuck Invited to Present at LI Psychology Fair

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Calhoun High School junior Noah Marchuck was recently invited to present at the 2019 Long Island High School Psychology Fair on Jan. 10, 2019 at Roslyn High School.

One of only 30 students chosen across Long Island, Marchuck will present his research project “The Degree of Autonomy, Competence and Relatedness of High School Students in Required English Courses vs Elective Courses.”

His research centered around a 40-year old theory on self-determination. 

“Basically there are three psychological needs that everyone needs to possess in order to be successful: autonomy, competence and relatedness,” he explained.

Students answered two questionnaires on their required and elective course to determine which one they would succeed. Elective courses proved the theory correct by a large margin, according to Marchuck’s research.

“People have a desire to move forward when they’re involved in something you are interested in,” he added.

Marchuck obtained a mentor during his sophomore year to complete the study.

“Noah is an upbeat, hardworking and confident individual,” said his adviser Jennifer Pefanis. “He knew that his passion lied in the field of psychology and he was driven to get started on his research as soon as possible. This year, he was able to analyze his results and he is eagerly awaiting the opportunity to present his findings.”

The Long Island High School Psychology Fair is a forum for the presentation and celebration of students' research in the field of psychology. The fair affords students an opportunity to present their work to an audience of their peers as well as a group of expert judges.