Merrick Avenue MS, Grand Avenue MS Pull Off Sweet Drives

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The Merrick Avenue Middle School Student Council hosted a post-Halloween candy collection to support members of the armed forces stationed overseas.

They partnered with students from Levy-Lakeside Elementary School in the Merrick School District for a successful Operation Sweet Tooth. 

“The donated candy is sent to troops stationed around the world to provide some extra sweetness during the holiday season as Thanksgiving approaches,” explained Merrick Avenue Principal Dr. Taryn Johnson.

At Grand Avenue, the Builders Club sponsored Operation Gratitude, where students were also invited to donate leftover sweets.

“It’s just one more way that Grand CARES,” added Grand Avenue Principal Carlo Conte, referring to the school’s mission statement of encouraging students to be compassionate, accountable, respectful, equitable and strong.

Merrick Avenue faculty advisers Lucrezia Colangelo and Joe Amador along with Grand Avenue faculty adviser Sean Doherty guided students through the process.