Calhoun Connects Head, Heart & Health at Fair

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Students at Calhoun High School made a connection between mind, body and soul at the annual health fair on Nov. 30.

From stationary bicycling and Zumba to fencing and meditative practices, students were given the opportunity to see, touch and perform a variety of health-related activities.

The fair was organized by Keri Cinelli, a health teacher at Calhoun.

“The goal of our health fair is to show students a wide variety of ways to stay active and have fun doing so,” she explained. “Better choices leads to better living.”

To further demonstrate this, there was an “eat this, not that” buffet that offered students healthier eating options.

“It was a comprehensive event that showcased local vendors and activities aimed at promoting a health-conscious state of mind for students,” added Principal Nicole Hollings.