Kennedy’s VE Team Ranks Top 10 Nationally

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SkySource, one of the Virtual Enterprise companies at Kennedy High School, placed in the top 10 nationally with a perfect score, according to Virtual Enterprises International. 

The nonprofit works with schools to implement the yearlong VE class to provide students with collaborative and entrepreneurship business experience. The JFK students’ virtual business, SkySource, is an “up and coming technology company that seeks to provide customers with top quality products at the best value,” as stated on the team’s website.

Their top 10 placement was determined by a composite score which measured engagement and achievement of targeted initiatives throughout the year.

“Some of the tasks include but are not limited to submission and presentation of a National Business Plan, evidence of student transactions, payments of expenses, processing payroll and competing in the Online Website Competition, to name a few,” explained faculty adviser Roseann Zocchia.