Kennedy Students Chronicle School History in Published Book

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In honor of Kennedy High School's 50th anniversary, students in Dr. Dennis Urban’s Uncovering the Past classes published a book highlighting the school’s history.

Students enrolled in the senior-level elective on historical research, used several different resources to write a total of 30 essays on various topics related to the school's past. Dr. Urban edited and compiled the essays into a printed book titled “A History of John F. Kennedy High School: The First 50 Years.”

Student Rebecca Stekol took the class to learn new ways to conduct research.

“I wanted to chronicle the journey of the school’s drama program through the years,” she said. “I learned that it’s been ever-expanding and is now well-recognized.”

Sydney Root researched the anti-Vietnam War movement in the Bellmore-Merrick area.

“It was interesting to see how it affected our area and I was even able to interview some veterans.”

You can access a PDF copy of the book at, and the website for the project is located at