Moving Up to a New Adventure in Bellmore-Merrick

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The June 9 moving up ceremonies at Grand Avenue Middle School, featured songs, celebrations and commencement speeches.

The Grand Avenue students will attend either Kennedy or Mepham high schools, depending on where they live within the Bellmore-Merrick Central High School District. High school seniors Matthew Montera, Amanda Rudolph, Taylor Drew and Immanuel Mellis offered advice to these soon-to-be freshmen.

“I urge you to explore every fun and engaging opportunity that our high school district has to offer,” Mellis said. “High school at face value is pretty scary…and you may think you’re going to feel really alone inside. But the truth is, it is quite the opposite. We are all there for you.”

Cecilia Totino addressed her fellow classmates with a student reflection.
“These past years have brought so many people together in so many different ways,” she said. “As we continue onto this next chapter of our lives, we will make many memories…that we will tell our future children about just as we hear old stories from our parents and grandparents.”

Principal Carlo Conte spoke about Grand Avenue being “Home of the Braves,” asking students what they will be brave enough to take on during their high school career.

“Remember to be true to yourself, challenge yourself, reach for the stars and truly make the impossible, possible.”