Merrick Avenue Eighth-Graders Move Up

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Merrick Avenue Middle School’s moving up ceremony on June 9 was a glittery black and gold celebration.

Students will attend either Kennedy or Calhoun high schools depending on where they live within the Bellmore-Merrick Central School District. High school seniors Hadi Aziz, Sara Samir, Skylar Berkley and Jack Jones offered advice to these soon-to-be freshmen.

“The next four years of your life are going to be new, exciting, challenging and eye opening,” Berkley said. “You get out what you put in. Find something that makes you happy and go at it full force.”

Sophia DeMato addressed her fellow classmates with a student reflection.
“Some of my fondest school memories so far have been in this building,” she said. “I am now more independent and learned how to work harder.”

Principal Dr. Taryn Johnson spoke about the upcoming change in environment, peer group and procedures that lies ahead for the graduates.

“From watching you I’ve learned that you are far more savvy, connected and resilient than many adults anticipated you would be,” she said. “The creativity of your ideas and your willingness to share them – notable. Your ability to connect to the needs of others – remarkable. Your commitment to our school and our district – legendary.”